Tuesday 21 February 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Clarinet District

'We can see a view of Clarinet-like chimneys puffing out clouds of musical notation. There's a real sense of 'squash and stretch' - the sort of bendiness you might see in one of those early 'Merry Melody' or 'Happy Harmony' cartoons. Indeed this cityscape makes for a rather comedic vista.'

I've begun building some clarinet factory towers. At the moment they don't resemble the rather more bendy description. This is because the drawings are the towers in an idle state, but during the animation stage will be a little more squashy like my final sketch (left being the original drawing, right being altered). Even this one seems a little conservative. I think there will be room for some really eccentric shapes morphed out of the drawings below.

Squash n Stretch Sketch

(Left- original, Right-altered chimneys) 


  1. You're capturing the 'cheery factory' factor 100% here - these aren't grimy and utilitarian, but rather something more whimsical - and yes, in terms of modelling these, we're going to need to create them 'animation', in a way that's different to many of the other buildings. Sam - if you're reading this - a note to self - these models need to move :)

    1. sorry that should have read "create them *for* 'animation'"

  2. Yes, I thought so. I can clearly see those buildings move in my minds eye. On revision I think there may be a need for wider spacing between all the structures, to allow for some almost ridiculous ballooning without clipping one structure through another. (Those three chimneys being a prime example. If I'd have left enough space they could have been much more extreme.)