Friday 17 February 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Flute District

Here are some more buildings. More spire like this time around. I played a little with and without symmetry with these designs.

Below is an attempt at a top-down view of the city, as seen from Red's eyes, while fluttering down from the lift. I wanted to create the feeling of height, hence the vertigo inducing POV.

In my bid to communicate the shininess of the Flute district I've made these buildings rather more complicated in colour-scheme and design compared to the UPA art style. I may have to revisit the area with simpler forms and colourings.


  1. That's a gorgeous visualisation, Emily! Some of the simplification will ultimately come from the recipe of texturing, which we'll seek to keep the same throughout the various kingdoms, or as near as damn it - but this is really nailing it in terms of how expansive and filmic I want this thing to feel - even as it simplifies in terms of art direction etc. Anyway - very exciting image, so thank you :)