Wednesday 8 February 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Percussion District and the Conductor

Red's view from the unfinished Bridge. I've featured a rather generic view of the Conductor in the background though he is still a work in progress and his shape is very vague against the horizon line.

Following the latest feedback here is further exploration into the shape of the Conductor. He's proving a complicated fellow.

I feel if Red can have arms that curl into a rounded shape, then perhaps the Conductors sleeves can also achieve the same bend? The same shaping could perhaps be applied to the leg(s). I've tried to hybridise the two original models once again and played around with a few new shapes.

I've added a few ideas for podiums for the Conductor to be placed upon as well. I can see a few of these animated to have a sort of idle cycle. Or perhaps these pedestals are a part of a larger construction involving the basin located below him in the area.

1 comment:

  1. The visualisation of the Percussion District is super-helpful, Emily - very satisfying to see this moment visualised. Getting closer all the time with the conductor. I think I'd like to see 16 on plinth 18 without the coat-tails element - and also maybe a version where the conductor's body is simply a single long pyramid from shoulders to feet - so essentially made up of only the head and arms and single body shape that meets the plinth - and a version that is the same as this, but which sits just above a domed element on the plinth - so we get the idea that the point of the conductor's body can move around/across the half-dome in terms of its movement - it's not attached to the dome element, so it has the same sense of the body parts being held away from themselves in some kind of suspension - the point of the long body just hovers above the half-dome but would be able to move up and around its surface as when the statue needs to pivot, turn or ascend or descend... hope that's not too garbled!