Friday 10 February 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Conductor

A few more plinth designs.

I feel I may know better what shape the plinth may take, when I design the 'The Kingdom of Sound'. environment. I think it should integrate seamlessly with the arena-like surroundings described in the script. Aligned with the basin where the various music note civilians gather around.

Here are a couple of initial sketches. I'm not entirely certain of the proportions. For example how large the Conductor is in relation to the basin. And how large the basin is in relation to the arena.

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  1. Hey Emily :) Yes, I think the 'staves' detailing around the plinth is working. Just a side note - in the script you have to imagine that there is this great long 'race track' that leads up to the statue from out of the Percussion district, which then sort of flows around the base of the statue, leading all the incomers to stream out and around the circumference of the YPGTTO arena or basin. For this reason, the 'back' of the area behind the statue would have to be open to the landscape behind it to allow access of all the sprinting musical notes.

    Think about it this way: imagine a big soup ladle has been pressed into a surface, so that the bowl of the ladle is recessed into the surface, while its flat metal handle is flush with the surface; the statue stands at the meeting point between the ladle's bowl and the handle, with the characters rushing along the long straight length of the handle to flow around the statue in two separate lines, which then filter around the circumference of the ladle-bowl in preparation for what is to come.

    In terms of scale, the basin in which the facsimile of the Kingdoms unfurls I've always imagined to be huge - so in scale terms, something like this (if the people in this image are red and yellow sized).

    I really like the additional sense here in your two thumbnails however of some kind of supporting architecture out beyond the circumference of the mighty basin. In terms of the scale of the statue, I think it needs to be at least as monumental as... (though probably twice as big if the person in this photo is red-sized!).

    Did the ladle image make any sense at all?! ;)