Friday 28 April 2017

YPGTTO: Getting The Look With Alan Postings #2

YPGTTO / The Bassoon District 3D model texturing tests / Alan Postings

Alan has continued his research and development pertaining too the best methodology for translating YPGTTO's UPA-esque art direction into fully-fledged Maya-realities.  We're loving the specimen on the right (above), which mirrors Jordan Buckner's original production art (below) very effectively.

YPGTTO / The Bassoon District buildings / Jordan Buckner

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Character Rigging - Yellow Update

I am soo close to finishing the Yellow rig, but I need to buy myself just a little bit more time. Hopefully this little teaser is enough to keep you going.

Poor Yellow - she's like putty in my hands!

( By the way, I can fix her face back to normal! don't worry! )

For those who are curious to know how it's put together:

  • The main part of the head is controlled directly by a lattice.
  • The hair and hair bows are pinned to the very same lattice, but not deformed directly by it.
  • Each hair strand is controlled by it's own spline IK, which is pinned in three places, allowing it to conform to the shape of the head, whilst still allowing for secondary animation.
  • Although not demonstrated in the video, the hair bows can also be deformed separately.
  • The face rig is (or will be) identical to Reds face rig.

So what's left to do then?
Not much. Everything under the hood is working (as far as I can tell), however right now I'm in the middle of creating and connecting the final animatable controls. (In the video, I was just manipulating the joints directly)

Ethan Shilling

Modelling: The Overture - Signage #02

Saturday 22 April 2017

Modelling: The Overture - Signage #01

Environment/Asset Design- The Violin District- Carriage's and Caboose

Here are the orthographies for the Carriage designs, both interior and exterior

Below are designs for the Caboose that comes at the end of the train. Design 6 was the preference so I went ahead and created the orthographics for that as well. 

Character Design- The Horse

Helping with the load, I have taken Julien. V. W's original concepts of the horse notation character and helped finalise the designs into orthographies.

Thursday 20 April 2017

Environment/Asset Design - Violin Trains and Carriages

Red makes his way through the Violin District by train, so aside from the Engine there also ended to be carriages. Below are some of the initial interiors. And the development of Interior 1, showing both the interior and exterior. 

The scene in which Red finds himself aboard is slightly abstracted, and the carriage 'draws' itself into existence, so below we have the purely outlined version followed by the full colour version as the train pulls away. 

Friday 14 April 2017

Environment/Asset Design- Violin District/ Clarinet District- Signage and Trains

I've been creating a few more assets. mainly signage for each district, below we have some for the industrious Clarinet District. below that some signs for the Violin district. Finally i have been revisiting the Violin Trains based on the previous feedback. I tried out another colour palette for it as well.

Environment/Asset Design- The Overture/ Oboe District -Signage

Below are signs for the exit to the Oboe District, via a Gondola on a waterway. The initial designs were based on real canal ways where the tunnels were quite often a hole in a wall. Meanwhile the  secondary designs I've created are more tubular architecture that can be seen from all sides.

Some additional Overture Signage ideas.

Monday 10 April 2017

YPGTTO / Colour Design

The colours of the individual districts comprising the Kingdom Of Sound

The colours for the inhabitants of the Kingdom Of Sound

Characters: The King Expression Sheet

YPGTTO / The King Expression sheet / Julien Van Wallendael