Monday 6 February 2017

Environment/ Asset Design- The Kingdom of Sound- Conductor

Following feedback. I have explored further into concepts 1 and 3 of the Conductor and tried mixing the two designs together. There are additional features including a ball and socket joint for eventual mobility of the Statue at the animation stage. I've also included little triangular hands, allowing for future fluid movement at newly added wrist joints.

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  1. Hmmm - now what do I think? I think a few things now: the first is that maybe the statues leg element needs to be a bit stronger-looking somehow - maybe we need to see a circular base for the statue as an element too to get a sense of how it might sit on the floor? In terms of arms, I still prefer the sweep of 13, 14 15 + small pyramid for one hand - long pyramid for hand+ baton - I like the 'sleeve' detail on these - it has that sense of theatre about about it - what this means for the implied elbow I don't know... I think the construction of 10 makes sense in terms of the waist, but maybe given the shapes of everything else, it should be a sort of pyramid socket - so down-turned pyramid body inserting into a pyramid shaped hole in the top of the legs? For me, the curling coat-tails aren't quite right - and the short collars on 10 etc don't read to me exactly as costume. Maybe long straight tails a bit like this?

    and even more like this:

    ... but curving around the column of the main body like a split symmetrical petal or similar?

    I think a long symmetrical split-shape would look conductory - and also sculptural? Does any of this make sense!?