Thursday 9 February 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Conductor and The Percussion District

Here are the latest conductors. Simplified following the latest feedback. Perhaps I should replace the plinth with a simple solitary dome for the base?

Here is a selection of the percussion background elements. Some of my background imagery feature previously seen buildings with a muted colour scheme to try and add some depth to the concept art. I need to do more of these colour- only environment pieces for the other districts.

I'm working on researching the last few instruments before I embark on visions of the miniature Kingdom of Sound that sits below our conductor friend. Next up will be more visions of the Flute District and the Clarinet District.

1 comment:

  1. decisions, decisions, decisions!!! I'm torn now. There is something about the two-part body that I prefer - I think 22 is it, but in light of the big circular basin that this statue towers above, I wonder if its plinth should indeed be round - should that be a round dome into which the leg component joins as it does in 22, or should be a flat circle on another base circle, as you have it with the squares in 22? For me, the idea that the legs are fixed, but the torso pivots just seems the way to go - I also like the physical connection between the base of the legs element and the plinth - it creates an impression of strength - so last three iterations then:

    1) all of 22 but with legs going into a dome.
    2) all of 22 but with legs going into a dome, which is on a slighter wider circular plinth.
    3) all of 22 but with legs going into flat circular plinth which is on another slighter wider circular plinth.

    It is one of the above!!!!