Thursday 8 December 2016

Environment/Asset Design- Trumpet and Violin District

I started to try to build taller lankier structures in regard to the trumpets. I'm not sure I fully achieved the look but the experiments were still fun.

The page below was an attempt at creating distant background structures that could be copy-pasted en-masse. I went back to the trumpet after trying to create bridge elements for the Violin district and finding I'm getting caught up in details and struggling with ideas. I think attempting something entirely based in simplicity has helped relax my brain a little.

'If a violin produces its music from its strings- and strings can lead an entire orchestra- then lines, wires, and rails as thrumming, vibrating conduits for energy, power and momentum is very much the signature image of the Violin District.'

My initial Violin bridge designs may be a little too detailed. The district needs to consist of predominantly simple elements, similar to Trumpets 11-13 above, as Red whizzes by on the train. 

Next time I may just stick with a silhouette and an outline to insinuate various shapes for layering up. I also need to tackle these designs from different perspectives and include a multitude of levels.

 I like the idea of creating bridges that climb... (or decline) perhaps incorporating cable-cars and funicular railways? Hopefully I can mix the violins curves and straight strings into an interesting multi-levelled environment.

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  1. Lots of lovely stuff here, Emily - I love the 'simple' trumpets - absolutely 'enough' in terms of their role in the construction of the shots - see how just those plain trumpet silhouettes read as architecture because the more complex versions establish the fact already - this is very much the key I think - establishing 'hero assets' that firmly establish the logic of the world, and then in-filling with 'cheaper' elements to ensure we create a sense of density, spatial relations and parallax etc.