Saturday 31 December 2016

Environment Design- The Double Bass District

'Put yourself not on the outside the double bass looking in, but rather inside a double-bass looking out; we're inside the 'echo chamber' of the double bass, which is from where the rich, low tones of the instrument resonate.'

'the double-Bass district reminds us of turbine halls and power stations.'

This is the hardest district so far. Trying to visualise the Double Bass from the inside is proving difficult. But there are some internal photographs of the instrument on google which helped a lot. I've used reference photos of turbine halls and power stations for guidance which helped me visualise sketch 2. 

I haven't been able to unify a colour scheme- The Brown colours have been taken from photographs of a deep underground cave system which I thought may be a fitting place to start. I'm hovering between continuing to use blues for arcing electricity, or insinuating windows to the Atlantean world Red left above him. Then again, the power running through the double-bass strings could be entirely new, perhaps a more fiery warm colour. Either way I'm open to suggestions on this particular district.

I imagine the deep power of the Double-Bass district to have the dormant strings hum with an orange glow. While those vibrating with power explode in a bright yellow light.

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  1. Another tricky district! I think your instinct re. the sea blue entering into the space, contrasting with orangey energy might make for a suitably dynamic palette. In my head, I sort of see this space as a 'mines of moria' environment:

    Lots of rim lighting picking out the edges of double-bass-derived architecture - plus these sudden zings of taut vertical lines that pulse with vibrational energy - I really like what you've established in thumbnail 1, for example - indeed, I think you're pretty much onto to this really - but looking at Jackson's Moria in terms of scale and also use of repetitive architecture; remember that Red is creating his own light source too, so again, it can all be a bit more silhouettes + rim lights for the most part, but with these specific 'contraptions' from which the strings/energy emit from. I do think deep leather/library browns / Atlantean blues / hot steelworks/furnace oranges is the palate to explore - pretty much what you're doing already :)