Monday 26 December 2016

Environment/Asset Design- The Trombone and Tuba District

I designed some classical streetlights following an attempt at creating a conceptual scene. I felt it only right to line the streets with street lamps over the lanterns designed previously. 

I looked into a few more drawbridge designs...
I particularly liked the idea of using a the horn shape in 5, so that when the drawbridge drops you essentially walk through a shortened conical tunnel. 6 was an experiment in asymmetry while 4 was a slightly more traditional take on a Trombone and Tuba drawbridge.

The conceptual scene is what I imagined Red and Yellow might see upon crossing the drawbridge, with music-note based bunting hanging from the grand buildings either side. Of course at this point the streets would have to be populated with thousands of other notes/subjects as they try to get a look at the King and Queen.

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