Monday 5 December 2016

Environment/Asset Design- The Trumpet District

'...we see the long thin trumpet-structures whizzing past the riders; we see Yellow's determined little face. We see Red holding onto her for dear life!'

I've moved onto explore the Trumpet district. This one passes by in a bit of a flash in terms of the script as Red and Yellow fly through on horseback. But the emphasis was on tall buildings that dwarf them as they whizz by. I think I could probably go taller and lankier perhaps. I just don't want to lose the building essence as opposed to accidentally creating what look like sculptures!

I took a different approach with these designs. I'd decided to stick with using white line art over black. I also remembered reading in the script the description of 'chalky' texture and decided to apply it to my latest designs. These Trumpet-based structures are a mix of rough edged colouring or outlined in 'chalk'. The colour schemes have been slightly saturated to suit the time of day as the sun dips lower on the horizon.


  1. Lovely indeed! I think you should consider creating some simpler 'just trumpet' towers, which we can put into the back ground and into the foreground - as sort of strobing columns (foreground) and assets that just shout 'it's a trumpet' when we see them quickly in the background. Think of them as 'second and third division' assets - which will probably just be images on planes as opposed to models etc. Anyway - very exciting stuff, Emily - thanks a bunch :)