Thursday 15 December 2016

Environment/Asset Design- The Trombone and Tuba District

'The Trombone and Tuba District feels like an Imperial District- the seat of Power. Not surprisingly there is a lot of polished brass on show... Our main impression is of a Baroque architecture of ornate metalwork and royal reds.'

'... everything glints and glimmers in an expensive way.'

I've been gathering some more reference material for the rich, opulent and regal district that is the Trombones and Tuba District. I started work on the wall that reveals itself to be a drawbridge. I think 2 is where I started to get a feel for ornate metalwork but there is plenty of room for improvement. We need more grandeur- bigger, bolder... brassier! I might try going a really excessively outrageous route with future designs and see how they turn out.

I also started to create the lanterns that light the entrance way. While initially starting off well I lost the instruments along the way. It may be because the Trombone and Tuba offer themselves quite well as these old lantern shapes. The key difference however is that this districts Lanterns would be perfectly circular unlike its more angular real-world counterparts. There is definitely room for improvement and extreme exaggeration here though.

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