Thursday 1 December 2016

Environment/Asset Design: The Horn District

'The Horn District gleams in the last light of day...'

'The music here is characterised by a quick succession of notes that align with a montage of shots compressing Red's journey through the Horn District. We're shown him going under arches, ascending staircases, arriving on bridges etc...'

After a fair stint of collating reference imagery and researching,  I've started creating some architectural asset designs for the Brassy environment that is the Horn District. As you can see from the excerpt, this particular part of the story requires an environment Red can travel through. So, fixated on that, I started with trying to visualise staircases and archways/bridges. Eventually I moved onto trying to design units of buildings.

I'm still trying to get a feel of UPA style, so some of these thumbnails are probably far too detailed. And I may have been rather literal with my colour palettes having taken them from photographs of sunset...


  1. Emily - you've nailed it - I'm so happy with these! They're adorable - I love them all - do not hesitate! Utterly charming :D

  2. Lovely swirls! I love the staircases ideas :D