Thursday 20 July 2017

Trombone and Tuba: Building the Set 01

Few screenshoots from the Trombone and Tuba district. This is the first set I am putting together so the more feedback the better. I also apologize for not providing actual renders but something is not working properly in my Maya and I need to investigate. 

1 comment:

  1. It looks magical, Sam - the stuff of fairytales and perfect for the royal palace. I take it you're going to create a different set for the interior of the Royal palace - so you've got the open courtyard and the procession out towards the conductor's light ... or am I mis-reading the interior space in these images. I think it would be nice if those 'pipes' that run around the edge of the inner circle might be repeated on the outside edge of the moat, or something like them? Also - just wondering about the 'barrier' in front of the first gate - how does the horse get onto the bridge?

    In general terms, I'm loving this set! And that low view of it all is rather mouth-watering!