Wednesday 19 July 2017

YPGTTO: The Basoon District Texture & Compositing Tests Continued...

The Bassoon District Shot RedLA 01: Basic Composite.

 The Bassoon District Shot RedOTS_02: Basic Composite.

 The Bassoon District Shot RedOTS_04: Basic Composite.

 The Bassoon District Shot RedPOV_01: Basic Composite. 

Another step forward in the Bassoon District


  1. I really like the noise in these shots - is this something we can achieve in all the districts? I know there have been some discussions about how to do it etc but it really makes such a difference to the tactility and appeal of these environments - for example, The Overture would warm up in terms of its appeal even more so if this same diffusion of surface and atmosphere could be achieved. When I see these Bassoon renders I think to myself 'That's YPGTTO right there!' :)

  2. It is actually in all of the other shots at the same amount too (10% opacity). The thing that's making the difference are the colours, they are mixing better.

    1. Okay - well that's interesting - so is there an argument for 'upping it' where the net effect is the same as in the Bassoon district? Anyway - these are looking sweet! It's a bit sad, but I'm loving the fact that we're getting the signage in there too now. There's something joyous about these images, Alan - let's design and build a theme park next!!!!!!!!