Thursday 13 July 2017

YPGTTO: The Overture Stage Texture Tests

Overture Stage Additions: Clean Render

Overture Stage Additions: Basic Composite

Update to the Overture: A new dome has been added along with a stage (thanks to Dee). All of these objects have been added and textured to match the scene. However, the stage itself is an experiment in finding a way to make it stand out in the scene and feel less like a 'block'. A light colour means it blends too much with the background.

 Overture Stage Additions: Updated version


  1. I reckon the platform could stay light if, for example, around its outside edge we had some 'stave' lines running around it to break it up (so emulating the mark-making on the pathways leading to it, as if made from the same stuff and materiality). I like the pattern on the top surface too, but again if this was a paler platform with that pattern picked out in the darker colour, I think it would look pretty distinctive? This whole space is making me think of cake!

  2. Re. the update - yes, all of that is looking much better - lighter and busier and more decorative too.