Wednesday 5 April 2017

Environment/Asset design- The Overture- Mapping

I've rather created the following to help me find some logic in the vast space that is the overture. The multilevelled space was difficult to picture when there was no clear-ish plan of what it may look like.Using my earlier Overture design, I've made a stab at a map (below) as a vague top-down guide toward major pathways, platforms and staircases. I've envisioned that perhaps the Overture is a cavernous half circle shape, like the orchestra footprint and run from there.

The 2 tone elements represent walkways/ bridges that migrate from one level to the next. the transparent part disappearing towards the upper/lower levels.

 Ground floor                                       First Floor

Second Floor                                       Third floor

Sum of all levels

Base design of the Overture

Below is a new concept of the space as seen from round the back of the sphere. Next I'll be investigating some more of Red's POV. In particular all the signage/ departure boards and the map of the Kingdom.

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