Friday 14 April 2017

Environment/Asset Design- Violin District/ Clarinet District- Signage and Trains

I've been creating a few more assets. mainly signage for each district, below we have some for the industrious Clarinet District. below that some signs for the Violin district. Finally i have been revisiting the Violin Trains based on the previous feedback. I tried out another colour palette for it as well.

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  1. Hi Emily :) Just repeating here my previous feedback: so I like 1 for the signage - unambiguously a Violin district asset - and I very much like the design of No 14 for the train - that's a lovely shape at the front now. In terms of carriages, we just need something that picks up on some of the detailing - but I did think that the last carriage should have a version of the scroll-streamline to signify it's the end of the same train.