Tuesday 25 April 2017

Character Rigging - Yellow Update

I am soo close to finishing the Yellow rig, but I need to buy myself just a little bit more time. Hopefully this little teaser is enough to keep you going.

Poor Yellow - she's like putty in my hands!

( By the way, I can fix her face back to normal! don't worry! )

For those who are curious to know how it's put together:

  • The main part of the head is controlled directly by a lattice.
  • The hair and hair bows are pinned to the very same lattice, but not deformed directly by it.
  • Each hair strand is controlled by it's own spline IK, which is pinned in three places, allowing it to conform to the shape of the head, whilst still allowing for secondary animation.
  • Although not demonstrated in the video, the hair bows can also be deformed separately.
  • The face rig is (or will be) identical to Reds face rig.

So what's left to do then?
Not much. Everything under the hood is working (as far as I can tell), however right now I'm in the middle of creating and connecting the final animatable controls. (In the video, I was just manipulating the joints directly)

Ethan Shilling

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  1. Poor Yellow! But at least now she could enter this competition and win! :)