Friday 24 March 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Overture and Violin assets

Expanding further on the Overture, I revisited the first post and added a little more detail, ready for further feature shots of the surrounding area.

I'll be working on other views of the overture space soon, but to take a break I've started to look into the minutiae of the script. Particular elements and assets Red interacts with or comes to see in the districts. One such thing are the trains speeding through the Violin district. 

Below are some renditions of a Violin Steam engine. (I felt steam perhaps fit better with the old wooden scroll work of the violin) Carriages are next on the to-do list, both interior and exterior view points.


  1. Hi Emily - my instinct is 'no steam' in terms of making economies! I like bits of 1, but not the back end so much - I think it's got to look really 'pushing forwards' as if the object itself is travelling at speed - I like the profile of 3 for this reason - I think it's simpler - a bit more like this:

    Really like the Overture elements - all tying in nicely with everything else you've produced - and it's got the whole UPA thing working nicely.

    1. Okey Dokey. A redesign for more HS1 than Steam Loco- I'll be on the case!