Friday 10 March 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Kingdom of Sound- Concepts

I have been investigating a complete scene to the 'Kingdom of Sounds' and Reds point of view. Its not quite there yet, but I feel concept 1 is getting close. I will have to design a front and back to the facsimile- Perhaps break up the whole thing into its separate Districts for building in 3D later.

Concept 1

Concept 2


  1. Well done, Emily - you're putting a difficult scene through its paces here. I reckon the circumference of the basin could be bigger so there's more of a gap between the spectators and the facsimile in the middle. The shot of Red looking up at the facsimile is great! It's the mothership - I can just imagine the whole facsimile turning very slowly as he and the others watch it...

    1. Do you have any suggestions as to where/ how I can explore further? Really quite stuck on progressing this environment.

      Are the proportions ok? (I know the basin needs to be larger) but beyond that- Is the conductor the correct scale in relation to the basin/ the facsimile?
      Should the base of the facsimile (the orchestral footprint) be level with the rim of the basin, or perhaps floating above it/below it?

      Also how should I tackle the background/ horizon line? I went for a neutral grey to try to create differentiation but I know you said the environment was going to be abstraction against black...

      I would appreciate any advice you may have. :)

  2. Morning Emily - The ratio of proportions between the statue and the facsimile are about right, though I actually think the 'dots' need to be even smaller - i.e. the population are tinier still in relationship to this space. I think the point of view (high-up) is making you worry too much about the space here - if you were to put us down on the ground level, I think you'd see that really, the background is going to feature not much at all. In terms of the animation itself, I've always imagined that the top surface of the facsimile platform ultimately ends up flush with the top of the basin as part of its growing phase, so we're looking down into the basin as the diagram platform starts to 'blossom' - it rotates, ascends and extrudes as part of its growth cycle, so that by the end of the sequence, the facsimile is fully grown, facing the conductor as per the logic of the diagram, and is level with the top of the basin. I reckon you should have a bash at some 'Red perspective' stuff - so he's looking down into the basin at the start of the growth cycle and then looking all the way up at the fully grown facsimile - I think you'll see that you needn't worry about the surroundings of this scene too much further - we can just use the most basic suggestion of depth to enhance it when the time comes. A question - in terms of your experience re. modelling and Maya - how might this facsimile be presented as a 'to model from' scheme? The cutting of the scene means that we don't have to show somekind of continuous growing model - we can have a variety of models which we can cut between, as long as we're also showing how bits of it are growing?

    I don't think you're 'stuck' at all - I think you've basically nailed it - I just think we need to get some sense of scale and cinema - and you'll see that it's pretty much sorted :D