Wednesday 22 March 2017

YPGTTO: Yellow Character Update

Just another little update on Yellow.

The model is more or less finished. (although there's just a few minor things left that I want to tweak)

I have also begun to rig Yellow. I have built the skeleton and created most of the control shapes. (Many of which have been borrowed from the Red Rig)

The controls have been re-positioned and organised into the correct hierarchy and all the custom control attributes have been added.

That's about all there is to show right now.

So this is what's left to do (but in no particular order):

  • skinning
  • building the spine rig
  • building the arms
  • build the legs / feet
  • building the face rig
  • figuring out what to do with the hair
  • plus controls for anything else unique to Yellow

Many of the above tasks are going to be fairly straight forward because they're identical to the Red Rig.

Then once those are done, everything needs to be connected to the final control rig and tested.

Ethan Shilling

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