Tuesday 23 August 2016

YPGTTO: Environment - The Oboe District / The Overture Deconstruction

A few more paintings in an attempt to move forward a little. I know my natural painting style is pretty far away from the mid-century UPA style we are exploring, so this is a first step of sorts into this new realm. Trying to deconstruct my environments to something simpler. At the moment it's all a little too futuristic and Saul Bass, but it's a starting point. More line work and better colour choices might be a better adjustment.

Also, had the chance to start exploring the Oboe District. Again, this is all just design / composition stuff, so the art style isn't there yet, but will begin to see what I can do with this kind of environment.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jordan :) Yes, the Overture painting is on its way in terms of shaking out some of its painterliness. The Overture is a monochromatic space, remember - and that might prove helpful anyway in terms of stripping it out even further. The other convention you see in these mid-century animations is the blog use of flat textures i.e. patterns, like dot news print or typography etc. Might be something else to consider. Loving the sensuous shapes of the Oboe thumbnails!