Tuesday 16 August 2016

YPGTTO: Character Doodles Sheet

Spread out and numbered for convenience (I admit it was quite tedious to work out which one we were talking about in the previous layout, I'm very much sorry!)
Just seen your latest page, Jordan; I think Red's character really come through in these and some of their expression made me really chuckle (in a good way). All around lovely :) 


  1. Lovely stuff Julien. My personal faves...30, 31, 32, 33 (although I feel they could perhaps be more notey') but I also really like 1, 6, 9, 42 and 54

  2. This is very helpful, Julien - so thank you :) I just love the expressiveness of 3 and the damn cuteness of 47 - yes, they're human, but they're so mid-century 'American TV cereal commercial', that they just press all the right buttons for me in terms of setting our stall out in terms of what kind of animation this 'isn't' going to be! 3 and 47 feel like the same guy to me and a) I'd like to see the musical notation components made a little more conspicuous, just so we know he's a metaphor for an uninitiated musical note, not a real human child and I'd also like to see some options around his 'Redness'! In terms of supporting characters, I like 2, and if he was enlarged and made more 'bossy' he'd be a good fit for the Bassoon district. Could you have a bash at 'Yellow' too, using the same logic - i.e. conspicuous musical note for bottom half and arms, and freer-form heads for maximum range of expression?