Tuesday 23 August 2016

YPGTTO: Bassoon Characters

Always a bit of a struggle making those musical notations stand out but here's my take on the city workers.

[Some examples of 'updated' UPA environments by Pauline Merlaut.]


  1. Beautiful stuff Julien. I like the whole cast. If we are going done this more humanoid route, then I thought this video might be interesting for the future...


    Just lots of great editing and framing in order to get around animating so many characters.

  2. Another lovely bunch, Julien - my stand-out faves being Nos 1, 2, 8 & 10 - 1 & 2 especially as they look so unfriendly! And yes, it seems inevitable now that 'humans' are more in the mix - it makes better sense of the city metaphor after all, which is where this whole adventure began. And yes - in terms of animation, we should also take our cues from the Hanna-Barbera 'corner cutting for television' strategy - for example, when you animate a crowd, you essentially create a 'lump of characters' with a few moving legs and arms etc - or we use flat AE animations for bigger scenes, and combinations thereof.

    @ Julien - could you go about adding some Basson-derived colours to these characters? You might want to colour pick from Sam's original speed paint for the bassoon district, which I always felt to be 'on message' in terms of mood:

    1. Ha I was actually going to colour the sheet with purple before landing on red - should've followed my first instinct! In terms of adding colours to the characters, I just want to make sure what you have in mind is to still have the black outlines and some coloured volumes inside, or do you actually want their whole being to be purple etc.? Thanks :)

    2. Morning Julien - so I think the answer is 'yes' and 'yes'. Let's imagine that we're trying to get the greatest number of characters from the fewest number of models, so let's look at using variations on a theme to multiply what we have; so yes, coloured volumes with black line art; coloured line-art with black volumes; coloured line-art with coloured volumes; same character, a bunch of different 'family resemblances' in terms of use of signature colours/textures. When you create the colour post could you include quite a clear 'colour pick/swatches' page which links Sam's speed-paint with the resulting Bassoon colour wheel or chart? When it comes to archiving the project for the Orchestras and presenting to them later, these clear linkages between the different things we've done is always welcomed in terms of showing them the process. Many thanks!