Thursday 18 August 2016

YPGTTO: Yellow Doodles #1

I don't feel like a lot of these turned out successful... wish there were more musical notations to pick from!


  1. I think you found her at No 1 :)

    But I really like the body detail of 3 - is it possible to hybridise 1 with 3, so she's got the cute, non-pointy feet of 1, but the 'note dress' of 3? To be honest, I just really like No 1 - she is dinky, and retro, and my only concern is that her 'note-ness' isn't conspicuous enough, but even as I type this, I'm changing my mind, because I just REALLY like No 1 :)

    Ethan - if you're reading this, add Yellow #1 to your 'to explore in 3D' list!

  2. I have to agree... 1 and 3 are my favourites too! (in fact I think the whole top row is the strongest) At first I was drawn to 3, but then I started to think she looked more like 1's Mum (just a tad more grown up looking). 5 on the other hand looks much much older. (I think it's the thin hair and round nose that does it)

    I'll add 1 to the list. The hair is going to be an interesting shape to capture in 3D!

    1. Great - hope the list isn't too long - and this morning, it's definitely No 1, as you say, she's youthful, sweet and a bit puckish :) Ah yes, the hair.... good job you're a whizzkid, Ethan!

    2. I might give that hybridization a whirl regardless and see what comes out of it - just to give her a more 'notey' appearance. :)