Tuesday 23 August 2016

YPGTTO: Art Direction Reference

I wanted to share some art references as a guide for things going forward. Hopefully this post can act as a jump off point for imagery that specifically shares the styling we want.

UPA Animation
UPA's mid century stylings favour drawing and simplicity. Often, bold colour and elegant line work is used as the construction for environment and character. It's nostalgic and charming, but also instantly readable.

Conor Whelan used this speicifc style beautifully in his film My Darling's Shadow.

Grand Central (Gobelins)
Next up, this set of videos from Gobelins documenting the making of Grand Central. It's a beautiful bit of animation and although the style isn't quite what we are looking at, it does have a lovely sensibility about it. The making of videos especially express how preproduction paintings open up a huge wealth of content. Phil's script describes a huge number of scenes and details, from abstractions and surfaces, to more specific landscapes. So I could certainly expand out a bit and start looking at more specific descriptions.

David OReilly
OReilly's music video for U2 has a more contemporary approach to styling, but it shares some similarities with UPA. There's a starkness and lack of detail that is really effective. The opening shots and closing shots show this best.

Ok, that's enough for now. More painting to get this nailed down, hopefully some results soon!

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