Tuesday 31 January 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Percussion District- Buildings

I have found it much easier to try and create the percussion district while baring in mind some structures in modern architecture. The varied instruments lend themselves to being deconstructed and then assembled with other instrument parts rather than constructing buildings purely of one instrument shape. I've tried to do some as construction sites and others as 'complete' building assets, which I could then tweak so as to be also 'under construction'

I saw the Chimes as a series of tall narrow apartment buildings and the Timpani as perhaps an elevated town hall sort of environment...

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  1. Hi Emily - yes! - in terms of background elements and bulking out the scene, it will be just a case of 'xylophone girders etc' - the script calls for this big tall structure and half-made bridge - again, in design terms, it can really be as 'simple' as Meccano-style xylophone formations. This world can be very Lego in this respect, but with a few signature assets for variance as above :)