Sunday 13 November 2016

Environment Design: The Flute District / The Oboe District

A few updates regarding production assets! We've got so much to do and the list is long, so trying to work on these whenever I get some spare time. Here are a few from this week. I'm not too sure about some of these. For example, the flute building assets might be a little too fantasy, but there's still room for discussion on all of this stuff. It at least gives us some direction to start creating assets and exploring texturing.

The Flute District
The camera exits the clouds to show us the elegant silvered spires of the aerial Flute City.   We spiral past them. It’s beautiful here! Below us, we can see some of the notes we arrived here with circling the spires, platforms and steeples as they continue to drift downwards.  We can see too how the valves on the sides of the spires are opening and closing in quick succession, mimicking the action of the instruments which they so closely resemble.

The Oboe District
The sun is rising; the air is golden and gauzy – as impressionist and as gilded as the light in a Thomas Moran-painting.   This sequence is a fantasia on a theme of parallax and wipe-cuts, as we move seamlessly and in an unhurried way between a variety of different shots – aerial shots, in which the towers and shimmering waterways abstract effortlessly, become long shots in which red note and his craft are dwarfed by the glinting tube-like structures of the Oboe city’s architecture.  Long shots become mid-shots, mid-shots become close-ups, close-ups become abstractions of surfaces and details – and everything feeling dreamlike and silky-smooth.  Cross-dissolves are not welcome here!

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  1. I like the distinctive quality of the flue towers - yes, quite fantasy, but as soon as you lay in some of the valves and fretwork etc. they'll look rather smashing. Love the Oboe district sheet - they have a sense of the comedic about them - and the industrial too. All your work on this is hugely appreciated, needless to say!