Sunday 21 February 2016

YPGTTO: Kingdoms Of Sound Speed Paint Challenge #1 'The Map'

The Kingdoms Of Sound Speed Paint Challenge #1 The Map

This first section of the music introduces the main theme of Britten's YPGTTO, which is later revisited - and broken down -  by the various different instruments as the piece continues.  In this way, the first section introduces us to the foundation of the work that follows - the complete terrain we will later explore in more detail.  It is rather like being shown the complete schematic of our 'Kingdom of Sound' - the overall blueprint or 'city-plan' or outline, which will be 'built' and explored as the animation continues. We don't want to get into the specific details too much here or show now what we'll be showing later, so your job as concept artists is to listen to the music and visualise dynamic and creative ways of introducing audiences to 'the map' of our 'Kingdom of Sound'.

The sheet music for YPGTTO - is this 'the map' for the Kingdom Of Sound?

An orchestra in plan form...

A compass?

A map?

An orrery?

The starchart from Prometheus

Holographic schematics from Iron Man

'The Map' word cloud

In regards to setting up your speed paints in Photoshop - a few basic rules: can you ensure you're working at the following settings: 2560 pixels x 1440 pixels / 300dpi.

Feel free to go even more panoramic if your vision demands it and feel free to flip between landscape and portrait as your imagination requires.  Once you've completed your digital painting(s), can you upload it to your blog entitled YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenge, and include the number and title of the challenge too:  YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenge 1 : The Map

Please can you keep all your original Speed Paint files safe and sound in a folder, as I'll be collecting them in as an archive of the project at the end of the challenge. It is more than likely that your paintings will be exhibited as part of the ongoing collaboration with ONE.

Now let the music itself 'art direct' your response.  Does the music suggest something grand and regal, something glorious and triumphant?  Maybe you'll need to create a sequence of speed paints to best capture the way the music is making you feel at different times?  I can't wait to see what you're seeing as you listen to this first musical extract!  Have fun and be creative.

Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra Op 34 / Theme / Benjamin Britten

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