Thursday 31 August 2017

YPGTTO: The Overture. More Render and Shot Tests

Shots 15, 16, 18, and 19

A few more rendered tests. Shot 16 is still rendering.


  1. Morning Alan - lovely to see these shots: Shot 16 in the pre-vis and in the shotlist is the big tracking shot back towards the platform where Red is standing and I checked the pre-vis and this is the shot that follows the big lovely vertical tracking shot (Shot 15)?

    Shot 16 : "Ariel tracking shot zoning in on the entrance platform to The Overture, where Red & the blue school group are gathered" - is there an error on your shotlist, I wonder? Is it mine!?!?

  2. I think I might have just mislabeled them.

  3. Ok, no I see what has happened. Maya only rendered one frame of shot 16. It is animated.