Wednesday 5 October 2016

Early Sketches / The Flute District

Hi folks! Apologies for the long delay since I've produced any work. Just wanted to finally get back on board and get some work on here. So, here's an early sketch page exploring the flute district.

I'm in the process of developing some specific UPA style building designs, so they will be up soon. But the big challenges I think we'll have with these districts are; a) making them feel unique (lots of the shapes are similar. And b) conveying material with our art direction. This district is described as glimmering towers and shiny metal. Something to think about as we move into Maya tests etc.


  1. love that big open vista comp - also, I think we can have some artistic license here - so making the flutes more 'flutey' in terms of their sound-as-structure - so thinner, more attenuated, more complex, more 'fluted' - I think we need to avoid a sense of the 'industrial' too - so the flutes should be 'closest to God' in a sense - high-up, delicate, 'pretty' and 'translucent' in so much as they'd reflect the sky, so the flute city materiality would be sky-blues and golden hues - so pearlescent in that respect. Does that make sense-ish?

  2. Thanks Phil. Totally makes sense. Looking back, these are quite industrial. Too broad and chimney like. Rather than elegant spires piercing through cloud. More soon :)