Tuesday 12 April 2016

YPGTTO: Concepts in 3D - The Double Bass District

Here is another test - this time based on the following Double Bass District concept.

Eva Pinnington / The Double Bass District

I have created several shapes and put them together to make up an environment. The textures for the towers, the floor and the backdrop were taken from the original image. It's still a work in progress as I imagine everything else should be textured similarly.

One thing that I only realised after bringing it all together was how flat the space was. The giant light coloured swirls were an attempt to get some height variety into the scene, together with the tall towers and tents. As things develop it would be good to think about how the architecture can be more intertwined or better integrated into the landscape.

What do you think?

Ethan Shilling

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  1. Ethan! Thanks so much for putting this together and extrapolating a digital set from some pretty abstracted concept art. I'm presenting on Friday morning at 10am, so I don't know if what I'm about to ask is do-able, but what would be really helpful is if you could put some rendered sequences to the actual doublebass music from which the image derived. It's only 1 minute long or so, but it would be good if you could cut together a sequence that moves between the establishing tracking shot you've posted here and some closer tracking shots that take us closer to the various structures etc. I do realise it's all highly provisional at this stage, and I'll be sure to tell our visitors that, but if you think it might be possible to put something like that together, I think it would help the audience get a sense of how things might translate. Let me know if you think this is possible :)