Sunday 29 January 2017

Environment/ Asset Design- The Percussion District

'This next sequence, which starts with a wide shot- shows Red being winched up very high, past cranes, scaffolding and industrial machines...'
'The hook deposits Red on a girder. Red looks relieved. Behind Red we can see a large construction site-style sign that reads: 'Caution! The Percussion District.''

The Percussion district is a rather complicated environment. Not least because a construction site is a chaotic environment, but rather as the Percussion section of an orchestra is not limited to one type of instrument. I grabbed this shortlist after a little research.

Bass Drum, Celesta, Chimes, Cymbals, Gong, Maracas, Piano, Snare Drum, Tambourine, Timpani, Triangle, Xylophone. (And the additional beaters or sticks used to sound many of the instruments)

Its taken me a while to just create some odds and ends because I hadn't quite made sense of the environment in my minds eye with so many instruments. I feel I may have had a small mental breakthrough over the course of the weekend and hope to draw it all up soon. 

I had been so focused on using the myriad of instruments to create random scaffolding segments, when it may be easier to design Percussion based buildings then 'deconstruct' them as though they are still being built. I shall follow with more soon.


  1. Hi Emily, I think you're onto the right vibe with the structures - you needn't worry so much about vehicles, as really I sort of see it as a place wherein there are just pistons and hammers and conveyor belts and cranes etc. none of which need be contextualised - they just need to be moving parts that bang and crash and shake and jangle - percussion! :)

    1. As I made those vehicles I just knew they didn't fit in, aside from the crane. I'm trying to focus more on buildings and regressing them into a half built state. It may be a case of a lot of silhouetted beaters or Xylophone bars acting as scaffolds and beams tying elements together. And a few piano strings here and there.
      I feel this district may make much more visual sense in a fully imagined concept art rather than elements... I shall give it a shot pronto.