Tuesday 30 August 2016

YPGTTO: Environment Design

A few small updates to keep things ticking along. Firstly, an updated version of that Overture sketch. This has acted a bit more like a test bed for style development, rather than a finished example of design, but there are some interesting things happening. The difference in shape language is something I'm still toying with. Not completely sure if the sharp angles work. More of that soon.

Secondly, some Bassoon buildings. Inspired by Julien's amazing presentation, these are a starting point for exploring environment design within the art style. I know this scene takes place largely in close up as Red struggles through the crowd of commuters. However, the odd glimpse of these towering buildings would work well to impose upon our little character. The odd shot of abstract textures or details would similarly alienate our little guy.

I do wonder if perhaps we need a more fitting palette for the environment. These sketches seem a little out of place in this regard. I think they need to be more attuned to the brass and wood of this world. 


  1. LOVE this Bassoon district page - and personally, I think this colour-range is very 'bassoony' - I think we can relax a bit around the materiality of the structures, otherwise we may find that we're stuck in some pretty samey places, as instruments are made out of pretty much the same stuff, give or take. The music of the Bassoon episode just feels like these colours - if that's not too torturous a simile! Love the towers and all the references to the engineering of the instruments themselves. Like, like, like! :)

  2. and yes... maybe your original instincts re. the curvaceous factor of the overture needs to be re-imposed more so - just love the 'squiggle' factor too - nice and 'because it's an animation!' I like these relaxed non-specific elements a lot - and I think we can embrace the notion of pattern and patterned surface/skies/floors etc. quite happily!

  3. Thanks Phil :) Glad you like. I really like the idea of pattern and texture doing work for us. In the next set of designs I'll try and use them to a greater effect. Will be really interested to see how this translates in Maya.