Sunday 28 August 2016

YPGTTO: Bassoon Workers Colours

Potential inspiration for the lifts sequence

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  1. Many thanks, Julien :) Thanks too for the clear explication of the colour-picking and the speed painting - something to maintain as things move forwards. Yes to all these variations - and I think a further spin of the variation wheel could be achieved if you also used the pale line art in combination with some of the other selections - and perhaps alternate line art colours on the umbrella etc, so that you might have a 'light' line character carrying a 'dark' line umbrella and so on. I'm sure Ethan has seen this set, but I'll put this latest selection under his nose for exploration!

    Thanks too for the 'lift' example - yes, exactly - love the way that the 'flat' surface of the picture plane can be used so flexibly and how the spatial dimensions of the lift can be conveyed so simply. We'll be looking for all kinds of similar economies when it comes to imagining the flow of the film. Good spot!