Thursday 13 July 2017

Animation: Commuter Rushed Walk Cycle

"Yellow" is going to be late if she doesn't pick up the pace.

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  1. Keep them coming, Charlie! I did think that, for The Overture scene, you could animate static groups of characters standing together - with a bit of 'listening', head-nodding, and looking up and around etc. If you made a set of the groups, they could be dropped into scenes Lego-style to create quick crowd solutions. You could just give them a bit of 'shuffling their weight' from leg to leg - some with their heads cocked, as if listening, maybe some looking at their 'watches' - that sort of thing - they could be named as 'Group 1', Group 2 and have different colour combinations etc. Just another means for people to easily 'fill' environments and sort of 'mix and match' in an instinctive way?