Wednesday 14 June 2017

Rendering: Getting closer to the final render solution

Animated camera test 1:

OK, another step closer to a render solution. Some thoughts / decisions,

1) Red needs to be more desaturated / colour graded to match the scene lighting. In the example above Red should have a blue tint.

2) Light wraps are needed to combine the background with the buildings. That helps with softness.

3) No toon lines. They are problematic an cause 'crawling' as the camera moves.

4) Creating static noise is a common problem. Noise will always crawl if the camera moves. In this example the noise is a static overlay, that may however create a 'dirty screen' feel. The noise is needed though to create softness. A compromise may be needed, part moving / part static.

5) Backgrounds can be made procedurally using ramps and noise patterns in Maya. 

6) The cinematic / large format camera aspect ratio works well.

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