Saturday 1 April 2017

Environment/Asset Design- The Overture- Assets

Below are a few Overture assets. Some are new designs and others have featured previously in Overture concepts. 
The greyed silhouettes are top down views of the structures for additional clarification (5 is a particularly complicated structure to convey!)

As the Overture has been described as a Terminal/ Spaceport/ Station I made a list of things you may find in such a place, on that list was seating. I imagined a few benches dotted about and perhaps some individual seating for feigned cafe area's perhaps? 

Among other things I though it may be useful to investigate more complicated structures within the Overture 

1 features in my previous Overture Concept art. I imagined a sort of multi floored cafe/ dining area. Each level perhaps housing seating, or conversely it could be a glorified staircase.

2 was another multi floor structure concept. Where I was playing with levels using music sheets.

3 was an interpretation the treble clef, reimagined as a baggage claim conveyor belt. Or perhaps an ultra twisty escalator coming up from the level below?

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