Thursday 16 March 2017

YPGTTO: Storyboarding & Detailed Shot Breakdown

Back in early December 2016, Sam Niemczyck finished the not inconsiderable task of turning the Kingdom Of Sound script into a first-pass animatic, so we could begin to see the true extent of the storytelling challenge we'd set before ourselves.  As production continues on the YPGTTO's many, many 2D designs and resulting 3D assets, Jordan Buckner is using Sam's animatic and original drawings as the basis for creating a second-pass storyboard.  This storyboard serves a number of purposes - to commit us to specific shots, compositions and set-ups and to identify ways by which we might seek to make prudent economies in terms of the realities of getting this animation finished in time for its first scheduled performance in September this year.  Where can we use good storytelling techniques and sprightly editing to elide that gratuitous crowd simulation shot... and do we really need that fourth row of flute-inspired towers when a matte-painting will do the job nicely?  We shall see!

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