Sunday 26 February 2017

Character: The King and the Horse

King's designs are a bit all over the place but I think n°2 might be the one who'd work the best next to  the other characters. Feel free to disagree of course, and to mix parts of them around :) 

(Some of the horses have heads as I drew them before I knew they'd have a simpler design)
Also I experimented with joining the two 'sides' together so that the characters would have something to sit on.


  1. Thanks so much for finding the time to commit to these, JVW - when I know your hands are very full! For me, the king actually situates between No 1 and No 12, because I like the idea of him being small (short man syndrome and all that). Indeed, I think No 1 looks very supercilious and 'weak' and I think he'd make a good antagonist, as he does come into conflict with Red as the story continues. He needs to have an animatable face - because unlike the Queen, he has some acting to do during the climatic race - so it would be good to see a range of expressions for him. In regards to No 1, I like the fussiness of his collar detail too - makes him look suitably silly and 'froo-froo' - ... so yes, I'm a fan of No 1 because he looks posh, but also silly, which is just about right. In terms of the horses, you're right to join them together - and I like the big cartoony feet of the second design from the left (top row) but the body shape of the second drawing from the left in the third row...