Sunday 11 September 2016

Animatic: Part #01

Part one of the animatic.
I allowed myself to use Jordan's overture concept art, because drawing it from scratch looked very confusing. I hope that's ok.


  1. Hey Sam - this just made me very happy! What I suggest is that I let you power through some of the other episodes to keep the momentum and not be too precious and then we'll have a feedback session. The exciting thing is yes, our brains are singing from the same hymn sheet! Onwards :D

    1. I like this plan! I will update with another part as soon as I can :D

  2. Big priority for us is to 'see' the whole adventure and get a sense that the broad stuff is working; then, we can gather around and look at particular shots etc. we want to enrich or tweak. For me, this is like writing the first draft of a novel, as opposed to keep stopping and perfecting it paragraph by paragraph - let's keep the wheels turning nice and fast and also so you feel fresh and not too bogged down. Thanks again for helping us out Sam - an invaluable contribution! :)