Wednesday 2 March 2016

YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenge / More Extraordinary Visions

Sam Niemczyk / The Flute District

A selection of the latest imaginings from CAA in response to the YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenges!

Sam Niemczyk / The Flute District

Charlie Serafini / The Oboe District

Lewis Punton / The Oboe District

Vlad Yankov / The Oboe District

Tom Smith / The Oboe District

Cat Barber / The Oboe District

Rosie Fenton / The Oboe District

Will Huntley / The Clarinet District

Deanna Crisbacher / The Clarinet District

I want many more visions of this instrument-inspired environments, so don't be shy - all styles are welcome and likewise time commitments - give me five of your precious minutes, give me twenty-five!

Four Speed Paint Challenges have been announced so far and remain live!

  1. Go here for 'The Map'.
  2. Go here for 'The Flute District'.
  3. Go here for The Oboe District'.
  4. Go here for 'The Clarinet District'.

Get involved, have a go, paint!

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